Spell Jar Recipes: A Spell for Good Health

An artistic illustration of a swine looking out from within a bottle.

Pagan Healing Spell – Good Health Spell Jar Recipe

The concept of a container holding a charge of esoteric energy has been around for centuries. Containers like this can be crafted in witchcraft in the form of a spell jar.

These enchanted containers can be crafted in numerous ways for various reasons. Making a spell bottle is a simple yet powerful way to focus energy on a specific goal or intention.

Spell jars can be used for things from attracting love or money to promoting health or protection. A common theme between the spell’s specific intentions and the spell bottles are the ingredients.

Healing Witchcraft – A Simple Healing Spell

For a longevity spell, you might use herbs associated with long life, such as mint or oregano. Various crystals such as the white jade I used may also assist.

This bottle uses snakeskin that was provided to me after a friend’s snake finished a shedding cycle. The metaphysical properties of snakeskin represent wisdom, transformation as well as protection.

This mixture is placed into the spell bottle and sealed to guarantee the contents won’t spill. It’s always important not to spill an enchanted container of ingredients!

How to Cast a Spell – Witch Bottle of Vitality

The spell bottle for longevity is used to promote visuality and health. For this spell, you will need these items for the following process:

Magical Materials for Good Health & Healing

Magical Crystals for Health & Vitality

  • 3 White Jade beads

Magical Herbs for Health & Vitality

  • Cinnamon (Protection & Healing)
  • Fennel Seeds (Vitality)
  • Mint (Vitality)
  • Bay Leaf (Protection)
  • Sage (Purification)
  • Oregano (Vitality)
  • Coriander (Health & Immortality)

Casting a Spell – Witchcraft Healing Jar

  1. Add in a Cinnamon stick
  2. Add the ground herbs one at a time, creating a layer with each herb
  3. Add the sneak skin (Preferably before the last layer of herbs)
  4. Thread the three white jade beads and string

How to Use a Spell Jar for Good Health & Vitality

The spell bottle can be placed in your home or office or carried with you. To use the spell bottle, simply carry it with you to allow the energy to radiate from the bottle.

You can even uncork it and allow the energies to flow with more strength. Just don’t spill any! This is also a nice way for the pleasant and unique scent to waft through the air.

Pagan & Wiccan Healing Spell Jar

This spell bottle was incredibly interesting to craft. It was entirely out of my norm due to the snakeskin shedding that I was provided.

This enchanted bottle isn’t just a beautifully decorative item. It’s a strong metaphysical charm radiating longevity. The bottle was strong, and the results impressed me.

A room with this enchanted item inside certainly livens up the overall energy of the room. Everyone always appears much livelier around this metaphysical charm.

Real Witchcraft Spells – A Precaution

When made correctly, spell bottles are safe and effective magickal tools that can be used by anyone. Just be sure to use safe ingredients that will not harm yourself or others.

The second most important part of crafting this spell is to focus your intention. With the first being to have fun and enjoy casting the spell!