Spell Jar Recipe: Easy Positivity Spell

An artistic illustration of a bottle of liquid and vibrant herbs.

Spell Jars – Easy Witchcraft Spells for Beginners

Spell jars are a great way to focus your energy on a specific goal or intention. The energy within these jars radiate and affect those around them.

Early on in my pagan practices, I wondered if I could cast a spell with a spell jar that’d help socialization.

The end result of this enchanted item amazed me. This witchcraft spell for positivity turned out perfect for improving one’s social life.

Its original purpose is for positive interactions, but it can be used for its general positive energy.

Casting a Spell – Spell Jar Recipe for Positive Energy

After some thought and resourcefulness, I found the right metaphysical ingredients for a spell jar.

I found that this particular spell bottle worked wonders for me in social situations. It gave me an extra boost of confidence when meeting new people or speaking in front of groups.

I used a pocket sized bottle for this spell so it was easier to carry around as an enchanted charm. I used the following ingredients for this witches bottle of positive energy:

Magical Materials for Positive Energy Charm

  • Container (Jar or Bottle)
  • Lemon oil (Energy, Healing and Longevity)

Crystals for Positive Energy

  • Dragons Blood Jasper (Joy to Interactions, Aids in Goals, Draws Money and Love)
  • Kyanite (Added Energy)
  • Moonstone (Relieves Anxiety and Stress / Helps with Emotional Balance)
  • Apache Tear Obsidian (Slowly Dispels Negativity)
  • Onyx (Relieve Stress, Aides in Emotional Balance)
  • Pyrite (Influences a More Positive Outlook on Life)
  • Rose Quartz (Enhances Self Confidence and Creativity)
  • Sun Stone (Increases Intuition and Brings Joy and Happiness)
  • Clear Quartz (Receives, Activates, Transmits and Amplifies energy)

Herbs for Positive Energy

  • Bay Leaf (Protection, Fortune, Success)
  • Aloe (Protection, Luck)
  • Cinnamon (Success, Protection, Love, Luck)

How to Cast the Spell: Positively Spell Jar

  1. Light the working/power candle
  2. Crush up crystals that are larger
  3. Add the crystals to the bottle as you visitor intention with each crystal
  4. Add the herbs while visualizing the same as before
  5. Add 3 drops on lemon oil
  6. Tightly close the newly enchanted item
  7. Extinguish the power candle

Meditate with the bottle once the spell is finished for added energy.

A Simple Spell: How My Witchcraft Positivity Spell Jar Turned Out

A simple spell may be effective, but there is a lot of power behind it. I’d carry this spell bottle with me everywhere I went.

Not only did I find it easier to connect with others, but I also felt more positive about myself and my abilities in general.

It was difficult to notice the effects at first, but it was very obvious whenever I didn’t have this spell jar with me. All of my interactions were very different from what I had become accustomed to.

Real Witchcraft Spells – A Precaution

You may seal the container to keep the ingredients from spilling out. Never remove the ingredients from a magickly active spell jar.

Dumping the contents will cause chaotic magick to do the opposite of what any intention is behind the spell.

I’ve personally heard of negative events transpiring after a spell bottle was poured out.

After a while, the bottle may break. When a bottle breaks on its own, it means it’s time has ended. This doesn’t result in any negativity (minus having to deal with a possible mess).