Candle Shapes and Their Spiritual Meaning

Candles standing at different heights.

Candle Shapes

When you light a candle, what shape does it take? While many people might not give it much thought, the shape of a candle can actually say a lot about its spiritual meaning.

With candles, there are a variety of shapes that you might encounter. While the most common shape is probably the cylinder, there are also square candles, heart, and skull, to name a few. Each of these shapes has its own spiritual meaning, which you can use to enhance your spiritual practice.

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List of Candle Shapes With Their Meanings

Cylindrical Candles

Cylindrical candles are the most popular candle shape and are often used to represent growth and guidance. We often used this shape in rituals to help you move forward in your life and grow spiritually.

Spiral Candles

Spiral candles promote spirituality and can be used in rituals that focus on personal growth. This candle form can help you connect with your higher self and access your intuition more easily.

Bell Candles

Bell-shaped candles offer protection and are often used in rituals where you want to keep negative energy at bay.

Square Candles

Square candles are grounding and are often used in blessings for homes and businesses. They can also help you connect with the earth and focus your energy.

Triangular/Pyramid Candles

Triangular or pyramid candles are used to protect you from negative energies. This shape will also energetically cleanse and purify your space, as well as your energetic body.

Heart Candles

Heart candles represent love and relationships. We can use them in rituals related to love, healing, and forgiveness. Heart-shaped candles can be used not only for romantic relationships but also for platonic relationships, such as regarding friends.

Flower Candles

We often use flower candles in rituals related to abundance and also offer protection for pregnant women or newborn babies.

Scissor Candles

Scissor-shaped candles are powerful candles that are used to break spells and remove problems or people from your life who are no longer serving you. They are helpful in cutting through negative energy or blocks in your life.

Cross Candles

Cross-shaped candles are used for healing and purification. They can be helpful in removing negative energy from a person or place, as well as warding off evil spirits.

Buddha Candles

Buddha-shaped candles promote prosperity, abundance, luck, and good fortune. They are also helpful in attracting positive energies into your life.

Female Candles

Female-shaped candles represent a connection with feminine energy and clairvoyance. They help increase intuition and psychic ability.

Male Candles

Male-shaped candles represent a connection with masculine energy and are helpful with male potency, strength, support, and security.

Skull Candles

Skull candles have been stigmatized as being used for curses, hexes, or black magic rituals. They can, however, also be used to heal mental illness or psychological issues a person may have.

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Examples of How and When to Use Shaped Candles

Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own unique properties and benefits. Certain candle shapes can help to enhance your goals and connect you more deeply to the spiritual realm.

There are many ways to use shaped candle rituals. You can try out yourself to help achieve your goals. A few examples include:

Abundance Ritual:

This ritual helps you attract abundance and prosperity into your life. Start by lighting a green or a golden Buddha candle and focusing on your intention for abundance.

Say aloud or write what you would like to manifest in your life, such as money, possessions, or good health. Then, envision yourself surrounded by all the things that you desire, and feel the energy of abundance flowing through you. Finish by allowing the candle to burn until gone and thank the universe for bringing abundance into your life.

Purification Ritual:

This ritual is useful for cleansing yourself or your home of negative energy. Start by lighting a white triangular candle and focusing on your intention of purification.

Say aloud or write what you would like to purge from your life, such as anger, resentment, or negativity. Then, visualize the negative energy being drawn out of you and dissipating into the air. Allow the candle to burn, or extinguish (preferably not by blowing it out), and thank the universe for its aid.

Healing Ritual:

This ritual helps with healing both physically and emotionally. Start by lighting a pink cross-shaped candle and focusing on your intention of healing.

Say aloud or write what you would like to be healed, such as a physical illness, emotional pain, or spiritual wound. Then, visualize the healing light entering your body and repairing any damage that has been done. Let the candle burn and thank the universe for helping you heal.