Healing Properties and Benefits of Different Essential Oils

Various bottles of essential oils.

List of Essential Oils

Essential oils are often used in spells and magickal practices as they are believed to add energy and power. There are many different ways to use essential oils. Some of the most popular ways include anointing oneself or tools, diffusing them into the air, or adding them to spell bottles.

Essential oils can be used for a variety of purposes, such as protection, prosperity, love, and healing. While essential oils have been used for centuries in magickal practices, they have only recently become popular in the mainstream.

The following lists various essential oils as well as their properties when it comes to witchcraft and magick.


Allspice – Boosts desire and willpower to achieve your goals.
Almond – Anoint the forehead for enhanced attention and wisdom.
Amber – Protection against ill will and bad luck.


Balsam Fir – Mitigates the conditions that lead to negative outcomes.
Basil – Worn to avoid big disputes between individuals.
Bay – It protects against all sorts of bad energy by being worn.
Bayberry – Anoint the palms of your hands with oil to bring money and blessings to your family.
Bergamot – It will bring you success and money.
Black Pepper – Boosts alertness and bravery.


Camphor – Harmony.
Carnation – When worn, it aids in the improvement of physical strength.
Cedar wood – Attracts strength, pride, beauty, and wealth.
Chamomile- Brings in wealth and good luck.
Cinnamon – Uncrossing oil, love, and lust.
Cinnamon Orange – Enhances love & lust and success.
Citronella – Attracts love and friends.
Citrus – Raises psychic abilities as well as power.
Clove – Healing, can be utilized to repel bad energies and attract money.
Coriander – Health, love sachets and spells.
Cypress – It is also a wonderful oil for meditation and protection, as it soothes during times of trouble or illness.


Egyptian Musk – Powerful lust and love oil, improves strength and confidence.
Eucalyptus – Powerful healing.


Fennel – Provides for better communication and protection from the evil.
Frankincense – Great anointing oil.


Gardenia – It’s an extremely protective, stress-relieving, and peaceful oil.
Geranium Rose – Breaking down hexes is an excellent way to bless new alters, houses, or enterprises.
Ginger – Money, sprinkle it where you want money to be drawn to.


Heather – Prophetic dreams and luck.
Heliotrope – Strong wealth attraction.
Honeysuckle – Protection, entices the opposite sex to you.


Jasmine- Oil for attracting all things love, sex, and desire.


Lavender – Promotes calm and serenity at home, while also attracting love.
Lemon – Promotes healing, good health, vitality and longevity.
Lemongrass – Purifying for the body, enhances luck, and increases power.
Lilac – Love magic, spiritualism, and protection.
Lily of the Valley – Brings peace, and comfort to your life.
Lime – Strengthens personal energies.
Lotus – For high spiritual work, this improves personal vibration.


Magnolia – Heightens psychic abilities and promotes peace and balance.
Marjoram – Creates a cheerful and alleviates sadness.
Musk (Egyptian) – Creates self-assurance and strength in scenarios.
Myrrh – Use with Frankincense oil for powerful protection.


Narclassus – To obtain a sense of calm, peace, and harmony, anoint the body. It’s also effective for gambling luck when worn.
Nutmeg – Breakdown of evil hexes and bestowment of good fortune to everyone who uses it.


Orange – Wear it to entice your loved one to propose marriage to you.
Orris – Attracts money, the opposite sex, and protects against evil spirits.


Palmarosa – It aids in the accomplishment of your daily tasks by assisting you to meet the hurdles that come your way.
Patchouli – This oil is used in love and money spells and is used to reverse spells.
Pennyroyal – Peace, protection, and stamina.
Peppermint – Heals and purifies you, brings positive progression to your life.
Pettigrain – Strong protection.
Pine – Protection and purification, may be used in a bath to wash away your mistakes.


Rose – Attracts friendship as well as affection, women’s love oil.
Rosewater – A holy water for washing before a ritual or the washing of one’s hands before a ritual.
Rosemary – When you anoint a pillow with this oil, you may use it to relieve headaches and get a restful night’s sleep.
Rosewood – Attracts love, sensuality, vitality, and steadfastness.


Sage – Negative energy is removed and diminished, strengthens wisdom.
Sandalwood – Increases psychic abilities and spiritual levels, and the oil is used to promote general protection.
Sassafras – Wards off curses, bad feelings as well as hatred by wearing it, and attracts money.
Spearmint – Brings love.
Sweet Orange – A woman’s charm attracts men, good luck, prosperity, love, and lust.


Tea tree – It removes confusion and aids in the facing of a problem.
Thyme – It attracts excellent health, vitality, and bravery when required.
Tuberose – Stimulates the senses and evokes a sense of passion in the user, wear to evoke love and romance, provides mental calm and happiness.


Vanilla – Enhances passion and deepens loving sentiments.
Vermana – Use as a floor wash to cleanse yourself and your home of bad hexes and curses.
Vetivert – To break all hexes and curses, add to any incense.
Violet – Worn to provide comfort and tranquility, it protects against all negative influences and may influence your luck.


Wintergreen – Healing, success, and protection.
Wisteria – Connects men to the higher realms.


Ylang-Ylang – Attract attention by wearing it.