Moldavite Crystal: Cleansing, Charging, and Activation

Moldavite is an exotic crystal that has been used for centuries for spiritual growth. Its unique properties make it an ideal tool for helping to open the chakras and connect with the higher realms.

Moldavite can also be used to help cleanse the aura and release negative energies. If you are looking for a powerful crystal to help you on your spiritual journey, moldavite is a great choice. Continue reading for information on how to cleanse, charge and activate moldavite.

A shard of Moldavite.

How to Cleanse Moldavite Crystals

Why is cleansing moldavite important?

Cleansing crystals is incredibly important for them to work at their full potential for you. Moldavite isn’t any different, it can absorb negative energy. If your moldavite crystal isn’t cleansed, it can possibly radiate any negative energy it has picked up.

How do you cleanse moldavite?

Cleanse your moldavite with smudging. Sage is a great way to cleanse your Moldavite crystal. Just hold the sage stick near the Moldavite and let the smoke waft over it.

You can also bury your moldavite in the ground overnight. This helps to cleanse as well as recharge your moldavite.

Moldavite may also be cleansed by other crystals. Clear quartz is a good choice, as well as selenite. You may also place your moldavite on top of a salt pile or even in a bowl of salt water to cleanse it.

Sound can be a great way to cleanse moldavite. Chanting or even using a meditative singing bowl near moldavite will do the job.

Lastly, a moldavite crystal can be cleansed by placing it in running water. Naturally flowing water works best but placing it under the tap works as well. Moldavite should be cleansed often, especially if you are using it frequently.

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How to Charge Moldavite Crystals

Why is charging moldavite important?

Moldavite is a very powerful crystal that should be charged regularly. Without doing so, the crystal will expend all of its energy and become metaphysically inert. This doesn’t mean it cannot be charged back up again, though.

How do you charge moldavite?

Charge your crystal by placing it on the outside ground or within some dirt, moldavite is a crystal that is known to connect with the Earth and become charged and cleansed with its energy.

This is due to moldavite originating from the ground. It formed from the impact of a meteorite and has to be mined to be obtained, making it very in tune with the Earth’s energy.

When Moldavite is placed on the ground, it can help to connect with the Earth’s energy and promote a sense of peace and well-being.

Moldavite can be charged by the sun, or you can charge it in moonlight. I find the moon charging it the greatest during a full moon. Personally, I like to use the three days leading up to the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the three days after the full moon to charge my moldavite.

Moldavite can also be charged with running water from a stream or falling rain. Moldavite should be kept away from other crystals as it can cause them to break. Worse yet, your moldavite could break.

Smudging moldavite with various herbs also has the ability to charge the crystal. I recommend smudging moldavite with whatever herb correlates with what your intentions with the crystal are.

To charge your moldavite, you can either leave it out in the sun or moonlight for a few hours, or you can even smudge it with herbs of your choice.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to cleanse your crystal first so that it is free of any negative energy. Moldavite is a powerful crystal, so it is important to charge it regularly to keep its energy strong.

A shard of Moldavite.

How to Activate Moldavite Crystals

What is activating moldavite?

When you activate moldavite, you’re pairing the crystals energy with your own. Thus allowing the crystal to better work with you.

How do you activate moldavite?

Moldavite responds best to a clear mind, which can be achieved through meditation or focused breathing. You can also try visualization exercises, visualizing the moldavite working in your life.

Before you work with moldavite, allow any negativity you have to dissipate. This can be done by expelling the energy from your body through focused exhaling. You can also focus on feeling it leave through your feet or any other location on your body.

You may also imagine water flowing through your body, starting at your crown and leaving through your feet. As the water travels through your body, it picks up negativity and carries it away.

After you have cleansed yourself, hold the moldavite in your hand. Focus on your intentions for working with the crystal. You can either speak these outloud or mentally.

Moldavite can help to cleanse and clear your energy field. It can also amplify the energy of other crystals you are working with. It is a powerful crystal that can help to bring about positive change in your life. When you are finished using moldavite, be sure to store it in a safe place.

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