In witchcraft, candles of different colors are used for different purposes. Candles are used from everything as a focal point or release energy to attract or repel spirits.

Different colored candles can be used to represent different elements or properties. Candles can also be inscribed with symbols or words that represent your intent. Candle magic is a simple yet powerful form of witchcraft that anyone can do.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use candles in witchcraft, this page provides a number of useful resources. You can find information on the different types of candles that can be used in witchcraft, as well as instructions on how to use them. You can also learn about the symbolism and meaning associated with different candles.

The Meaning of Purple Candles

Symbolism of Purple Candles Purple candles have a long history of use in witchcraft, and for many purposes. In general, purple candles are used to represent the element of air, and can be used for…

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The Meaning of Black Candles

The Black Candle When it comes to using candles in witchcraft, there are a variety of colors that can be employed for different purposes. Among the most popular is the use of black candles. While…

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The Meaning of Red Candles

The Red Candle When it comes to candles in witchcraft, the color of the candle often matters just as much as the type of candle. Different colors have different meanings and properties and can be…

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