Energetic abilities is the ability to use different energies to do things that go beyond the normal scope of human abilities. This might include predicting the future, reading minds, or communicating with the dead. While some people might dismiss these abilities as nonsense, there is a lot of evidence that suggests they exist.

There are many different types of abilities related with energy, and not everyone has the same abilities. Some people might be able to see into the future, while others might be able to read minds. Anyone has the ability to do these things. What sets people apart from being able to do these things is their dedication to learning and practicing these abilities.

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Telepathic Power & How to Practice Telepathy

Telepathic Abilities Have you ever suggested something and someone says they were thinking the same thing, even though your suggestion wasn’t apparent or coerced in any way? This is telepathy: knowing/sharing what someone else is…

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