Cosmologies & Folklore

There are numerous deities and pantheons that are worshiped for various spiritual purposes. Each god or goddess has their own specialized aspects in relation to their cosmology, mythology and folklore who are honored and respected.

Popular pagan pantheons include the Greek, Norse, Roman, Hindu, Celtic and Egyptian pantheons. Every pantheon has different gods and goddesses that are worshipped, each with their own unique story. These various deities are honored and respected in any one person’s own way in accordance with their personal worship and practices.

Greek Pantheon

Articles – Greek Deities & Folklore

List of Greek Olympians

Who Were the Greek Olympians? The Olympians rose to power within the Greek pantheon after they overthrew the Titans. The Titans were a race of powerful gods who ruled before…

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Norse Pantheon

Articles – Nordic Deities & Folklore

List of Norse Goddesses

Ancient Nordic Goddesses Norse mythology comprises the pantheon of gods and goddesses of the Norse people. It is a branch of Germanic mythology. Norse mythology includes stories about the creation…

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List of Norse Gods

Ancient Nordic Gods The Norse pantheon is a popular choice for worship. The Gods of Norse mythology are some of the most powerful and well-known Deities. They include Odin, Thor,…

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Celtic Pantheons

Articles – Celtic Deities & Folklore

Celtic Green Man Folklore

Green Man Mythology The Green Man is a pagan deity often associated with nature and fertility. He can be found in many different forms throughout paganism and is celebrated during…

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