How to Get Started in Witchcraft

Peaceful and secluded meditation

Learning Witchcraft

If you’re a curious person and have been wondering how to start practicing witchcraft, you may have asked yourself ‘how do I learn magic?’ or ‘how do I learn witchcraft?’

It can be a long journey starting with books from the library and finding the right resources. In the end, however, anyone can find their own path within the craft. With every book I read, you’ll gain a better understanding of the craft and what it could offer you. Along the way, you’ll hopefully find helpful sources online to teach you even more. (Like this one!)

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Energy Work

Starting with energy work is the best place to start with honing and learning about your inner powers. This includes activities like meditation, working with auras, and general energy work. Activities like playing around with energy balls are common for beginners.

I found this to be incredibly helpful in gaining a better understanding of energy and how it works. Not only that, but it is also a great way to learn how to control and manipulate energy.

First, I learned how to really meditate. I would find a secluded space, lay back, close my eyes and stop thinking. After a while, I learned to focus on my third eye while meditating. This would cause a tingly/vibrating feeling all around my forehead that can become a tad overwhelming at times.

After being a bit practiced with meditation, start to play around with auras. I would first try to move my aura around and change its color, as well as look at other people’s auras. I quickly learned how to feel people’s auras, so I started focusing on the feelings I received from my magickal workings.

I learned that I could push energy outwards from myself to others and that by doing so, I could make them feel positive. I quickly realized how incredibly powerful energy work can be. At the time, it was honestly my favorite thing to do. I felt as if I made a lot of friends during this period by sending loving energy to those I encountered.

From there I began to learn about using materials in spells. I started with the basics, such as using salt and water. But soon I began to experiment with other materials, such as herbs and crystals.

Magickal Materials

Some of the different materials one might use for spell work include:


Herbs have been used in spells since the beginning of time. Each herb has its own magickal properties and can be used for different purposes in spell work.

When selecting herbs, you can either grow your own or purchase them from a store. If you decide to grow your own, it is important to take care of them and charge them with your energy before using them in spells. If purchasing herbs, make sure to get them from a reputable source.

You can use fresh, dried, even powdered herbs in spells.

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Crystals are another common material used in spell work. They can be used to amplify the energy of a spell or to help manifest the desired outcome.

When selecting crystals, you can either purchase them or find them in nature. If purchasing crystals, make sure to cleanse them before using them in spells. Crystals can be used in their natural state or they can be tumbled, polished, or cut into different shapes.

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Various tools can be used in spell work, such as wands, athames, cauldrons, chalices, and pentacles. Each tool has its own magickal properties and can be used for different purposes in spell work. When selecting tools, you can either purchase them or make them yourself. If making your own tools, it is important to charge them with your energy before using them in spells.

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Personal Journey with Materials

When I started looking at different herbs for spells, I learned how I could mix the various herbs together for spells. Soon, I had a list of what I had on hand.

Personally, I had an interest in crystals from a young age. I had a small number of basic crystals from that I had gotten several years beforehand.

At this point of my journey, I went to online retailers to find a few crystals when I began to seek out crystals for the craft. I would check the properties of the crystals before ordering them to give myself ideas on how I might use them.

Once I had a varied collection of a few crystals I felt more prepared to begin using my materials in my magick.

Tools were the next thing on my list. I had seen wands, athames, cauldrons, chalices, and pentacles in stores before, but I was never really sure what they were used for. After doing some research, I learned that each tool has its own magickal properties and can be used for different purposes in spell work.

Through time, I had decided to start gathering different tools and different materials. I wanted everything that struck an interest in me – which turned out to be nearly everything related to the craft. I ended up gathering quite a few bottles from flea markets.

Having gathered all of these materials, I was ready to begin using them in my spells. With time and research, I became more confident in my abilities and was able to create powerful spells with the help of my newly acquired knowledge.

Starting With Spell Bottles

I first started to craft spell bottles. I had seen spell bottles before, but I was never really sure what they were used for. After doing some research, I learned that spell bottles are used to store energy and can be used to cast spells.

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How to Make a Spell Bottle

To create a spell bottle, you will need a glass bottle, herbs, crystals, and a couple tools.

The first step is to cleanse the bottle. This can be done by using salt water, smoke, or light. Once the bottle is cleansed, it is ready to be filled with the desired materials.

The next step is to charge the materials. This can be done by using your own energy or by using moonlight or sunlight. Once the materials are charged, they are ready to be placed in the bottle.

The final step is to seal the bottle. This can be done by using cork, wax, or fabric. Once the bottle is sealed, it is ready to be used in spells, or carried around for its effect.

My Story with My First Spell Bottle

Spell bottles are a great way to store magickal energy and can be used for a variety of purposes. My first spell bottle was a good luck bottle as a gift to a friend.

I gathered what I had that corresponded with properties of luck and I put it all into the bottle. I filled the bottle and sealed it, feeling proud of what I had made.

The next day before giving my friend the bottle, it had accidentally fell from a window ceil and it flipped to sit up right on top of a recliner; after that, I knew the spell had worked and I had made a lucky bottle.