Casting a Circle

A circle radiating energy from the ground.

Using a Circle in Witchcraft

When witches cast a circle, they are creating a sacred space in which to work magic. The space is consecrated and charged with energy.

This provides a safe and secure place for the witch to do their magick. In addition, the circle can also be used to contain and focus magical energy, as well as protect the witch from negative energies.

There are many different ways to cast a circle, but the most important factors are intention as well as visualization. The witch must state their intention clearly in their mind, and then visualize the energy of the circle flowing from them and into the area.

Some people use tools such as wands or athames to help them draw the circle, while others simply use their hands. Salt or brick dust can be used to add extra protection to a circle’s perimeter. The use of chalk to physically draw the perimeter may also be done.

Once the circle is cast, the witch may begin their magickal work. When they are finished, they must close the circle in order to release the energy and prevent it from releasing negative energy. Circles aren’t required for spellwork, but it helps focus the witch’s energy and provides protection.

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How to Cast a Circle

Start any spell or ritual by cleansing the area. This can be done by smudging, mental focus, or any other preferred method. Be centered and calm when casting the circle.

Visualize a bright white light emanating from your body. See it expanding outwards, growing larger and brighter until it forms a ring of light around you. This is the boundary of your sacred space.

As you visualize the circle of light, will it into existence. Feel the energy flowing from you and solidifying into an invisible barrier that surrounds you. Imagine the circle as being made of pure, bright light. Once the circle is cast, you may begin your spellwork or ritual.

Exiting and Entering an Energetic Circle

To leave a circle without having to recast, you want to cut open a door. This can be done with the same item (or hand) you used to cast the circle. Simply hold out your hand or item and cut down the barrier.

While doing this, envision this cutting open a doorway for you to cross. Once you pass the barrier, make sure to close the opening behind you.

Leaving a circle unattended for a period of time can release chaotic energy, causing unwanted (and sometimes dangerous) occurrences. Once you’re finished with your circle, make sure you close it and release the energy.

How to Close an Energy Circle

Closing a circle can be done in various ways, just like casting one.

When you are finished with your circle, thank the elements and spirits for their assistance. Take a few moments to ground and center yourself, and then release the circle by visualization. See the light dissipating back into your body and the space around you.

As you become more comfortable with casting circles, experiment with different ways of doing so. There is no right or wrong way, the only important thing is that it works for you.